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Our People

The Association's Membership

The Association operates an open Membership Policy and anybody may apply to become a member subject to the Association’s rules.  Membership of the Association costs one pound and members of the Association may stand for election to the Management Committee at the Association’s Annual General Meeting.  If you are not already a member but are interested in becoming a member of the Association, you can collect a Membership Application Form from the Association’s office or by downloading it here. This should be returned with your one pound membership fee to the Secretary at the Association’s Registered Office.  More information about membership is available in the Association's Membership Policy which can be viewed here.

A copy of the Association's Rules are available here.
A copy of the Association's Standing Orders are available here.

Management Committee

The Association is governed by a management committee appointed by its membership – usually at its annual general meeting (AGM). Association membership is open to all. The management committee may choose to supplement its members by appointing co-opted members from time-to-time.

To volunteer for the Management Committee you must be

  • a member of the Association (this costs £1); and
  • aged 18 or over.

If you are interested in becoming a member or would like more information please contact the Association.

Elections are held each year at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is usually held in September. We contact all our members in advance of our AGM and invite nominations to the Management Committee.  A Management Committee member role description is available here.

There are currently fourteen members on the Management Committee.  Thirteen were elected by the membership at an annual general meeting and one was co-opted on to the management committee.  The Association does not operate any Sub-Committees.

The Management Committee meets several times a year and the quorum for meetings is four members of the Management Committee, excluding co-optees who will not contribute to the quorum.

The Management Committee usually has one meeting per month at which it monitors the Association’s affairs and implements or reviews policies and procedures. Management Committee meetings generally last no longer than one to two hours and as such members may not spend more than a few hours of their time per month fulfilling their duties.

The Association's general meeting agendas and minutes can be viewed below:

2019 09 18 Annual General Meeting Agenda & Minutes
2020 09 16 Annual General Meeting Agenda & Minutes

The Association's Management Committee meeting agendas and minutes can be viewed below:

2019 04 30 Agenda & Minutes
2019 05 28 Agenda & Minutes
2019 06 25 Agenda & Minutes
2019 07 30 Agenda & Minutes
2019 08 27 Agenda & Minutes
2019 09 24 Agenda & Minutes
2019 10 30 Agenda & Minutes
2019 12 05 Agenda & Minutes
2020 01 30 Agenda & Minutes
2020 02 27 Agenda & Minutes
2020 04 28 Agenda & Minutes
2020 05 07 Agenda & Minutes
2020 05 28 Agenda & Minutes
2020 06 25 Agenda & Minutes
2020 07 30 Agenda & Minutes
2020 08 25 Agenda & Minutes
2020 10 01 Agenda & Minutes
2020 10 29 Agenda & Minutes
2020 11 26 Agenda & Minutes
2021 01 28 Agenda & Minutes
2021 02 25 Agenda & Minutes
2021 03 25 Agenda & Minutes
2021 04 28 Agenda & Minutes
2021 05 27 Agenda & Minutes
2021 06 24 Agenda & Minutes
2021 08 26 Agenda & Minutes
2021 09 30 Agenda & Minutes
2021 10 28 Agenda & Minutes
2021 11 25 Agenda & Minutes
2022 01 27 Agenda & Minutes
2022 03 31 Agenda & Minutes
2022 04 28 Agenda & Minutes

Some Management Committee members choose to spend more time attending conferences, seminars and training courses.  However all participation is entirely voluntary and Management Committee members receive no remuneration or other benefits from their membership.  All Management Committee members are required a Code of Conduct for Governing Body Members which is available to view here.

Role and Remit

The Management Committee is responsible for:

  • The strategic direction, governance and overall control of the Association.  The Management Committee will direct the Association in accordance with its Rules and will determine its strategy to ensure that the Association's Aims and Objectives are achieved.
  • Exercising the responsibilities set out in the Association's rules.
  • Leading the development of Association's aims, objectives, strategy and planning.
  • Monitoring their effective implementation, ensuring their achievement and overseeing performance.
  • Ensuring that the Association complies with all legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Ensuring that the Association is adequately resourced and effectively managed to meet its aims and objectives and its obligations and commitments to service users.

The Association's Organisation Structure which details the Management Committee and Staff Structure is available here.

Other important documents relating the Management Committee can be viewed below:

Register of Committee Members
Entitlement, Payments and Benefits Policy
Register of Entitlements, Payments & Benefits Year End 31 March 2021
Management Committee Expenses PolicyRegister of Interests


The Management Committee employs a professional staff team, led by our Director to undertake the day-to-day running of the Association. We currently employ around ten full and part-time staff delivering a range of services to our tenants, residents and housing applicants.

The Association's Senior Staff members are:

Christopher Forrest (Director)
Kevin Freeman (Housing Manager)
Kirsty McKay (Senior Finance Services Officer)

A short biography of our senior staff members are available in our Business Plan which can be viewed here.

Terms and Conditions

Important documents relating to Staff Terms and Conditions can be viewed below:

Pay and Salary Grading Structure
Staff Terms and Conditions
Code of Conduct for Staff Members


The Association is a member of the Scottish Housing Association Pensions Scheme (SHAPS) and offers a final salary pension to all employees.  Currently, nine members of staff are members of SHAPS.

Trade Union

Employees of the Association have the option of becoming a member of Unite the Union (commonly referred to as Unite).  Currently no staff members have membership to the trade union.

Management Committee and Staff Member Expenses

In order to fulfill their roles, Management Committee and staff may be required undertake additional duties which include evening working or attendance at training out with office hours or out with the Association's office.

Management Committee and staff members may be entitled to expenses when undertaking such duties. All expenses are over and above a persons standard remuneration and usually relate to travel, subsistence or accommodation.

Details of Management Committee member expenses can be viewed here.
Details of Senior Staff member expenses can be viewed here.

Allocations to Governing Body & Staff Members

Management Committee members, staff members and their relatives can apply for a tenancy with the Association.  All application forms are processed in accordance with the Association's Letting Policy.  Any such offer of housing must also be recorded and minuted by Management Committee in accordance with the Association's Allocations to Governing Body / Staff Members Policy.

The Association's Allocations to Governing Body / Staff Members Policy is available here.
The Association's Allocations to Governing Body / Staff Members Procedures are available here.