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Our Performance

The Association reports annually to the Scottish Housing Regulator on our performance in relation to the Scottish Social Housing Charter (SSHC) by submitting an Annual Return on the Charter (ARC).  

The Scottish Government’s introduced a Scottish Social Housing Charter in April 2012 and it was reviewed in 2017 for a further five years.  The Charter sets out the standards and outcomes that customers can expect from social landlords in terms of the quality and value for money of the services they receive, the standard of their homes, and opportunities for communication and participation in the decisions that affect them. 

The Scottish Social Housing Charter can be viewed here.

The Scottish Government is currently reviewing the Scottish Social Housing Charter and is consulting with stakeholders as part of this review process.  The Scottish Government intents to implement the revised Charter from April 2022.  The Association's repsonse to the Consultation can be viewed here.

Areas of Performance we Measure

We measure our performance in many areas including:

  • How we communicate and participate with our customers
  • The quality of our housing and maintenance service
  • How well we maintain our neighbourhood
  • The quality of information that we provide to customers
  • Value for money in respect of rents and service charges
  • How well we manage complaints

By visiting http://www.scottishhousingregulator.gov.scot you can see how Yoker Housing Association Limited is performing compared to others along with more information about us.

Annual Return on the Charter (ARC)

The Association's ARC returns can be downloaded and viewed by clicking the links below:

ARC 2021 / 2022
ARC 2020 / 2021
ARC 2019 / 2020
ARC 2018 / 2019
ARC 2017 / 2018
ARC 2016 / 2017
ARC 2015 / 2016
ARC 2014 / 2015

Annual Performance Report

As well as completing the Annual Return on the Charter, the Association is also required to report upon its performance to tenants and other service users each year.  Please select one of the following Performance Reports to download and view:

2021 Performance Report
2020 Performance Report
2019 Performance Report
2018 Performance Report
2017 Performance Report
2016 Performance Report
2015 Performance Report
2014 Performance Report

Scottish Housing Regulator Landlord Report

The Scottish Housing Regulator uses information provided by landlords within their ARC return to publish annual report for all landlords which compares their performance in key areas to the Scottish average.  The Association's Landlord Reports can be downloaded and viewed by clicking the links below:

SHR Landlord Report 2018 / 2019
SHR Landlord Report 2017 / 2018
SHR Landlord Report 2016 / 2017
SHR Landlord Report 2015 / 2016
SHR Landlord Report 2014 / 2015

Annual Assurance Statement

The Association is required to submit an annual Assurance Statement to the Scottish Housing Regulator.  The Assurance Statement is a method for the Management Commitee to declare that they are assured that the Association complies with regulatory requirements and standards or to disclose areas where they need to improve. The Association's Annual Assurance Statement can be accessed by clicking the link below:

Annual Assurance Statement 2021
Annual Assurance Statement 2020
Annual Assurance Statement 2019

For more information on our Annual Return on the Charter (ARC) or our Annual Financial Statements

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