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Our Performance

The Association reports annually to the Scottish Housing Regulator on our performance in relation to the Scottish Social Housing Charter (SSHC) by submitting an Annual Return on the Charter (ARC).  The Charter introduced certain standards and outcomes that social landlords, such as Yoker Housing Association Limited, should aim to achieve when performing their housing activities.

Areas of Performance we Measure

We measure our performance in many areas including:

  • How we communicate and participate with our customers
  • The quality of our housing and maintenance service
  • How well we maintain our neighbourhood
  • The quality of information that we provide to customers
  • Value for money in respect of rents and service charges
  • How well we manage complaints

By visiting www.scottishhousingregulator.gov.uk you can see how Yoker Housing Association Limited is performing compared to others along with more information about us.

Annual Performance Report

As well as completing the Annual Return on the Charter, the Association is also required to report upon its performance to tenants and other service users each year.  Please select one of the following Performance Reports to download and view:

For more information on our Annual Return on the Charter (ARC) or our Annual Financial Statements

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