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    Rent Consultation 2021 / 2022

During early 2021 the Association will be reviewing rent levels and considering what level of rent increase (if any) should take effect from the 1st of April 2021.  Before to taking any decision the Association is looking for feedback from tenants regarding how affordable they consider their current rent to be as well as their opinions on the level of rent increase that should be applied.

The Association has written to each tenant providing them with a short survey and information booklet.  The booklet provides information on how the Association uses its rental income, how the Association’s rent levels compare to those charged by other landlords and how the Association measures the affordability of current rent levels.

Tenants are asked to consider the information provided in their booklet and complete and return their completed survey to the Association's office before close of business on Friday the 11th of December 2020.

If you would rather complete the survey online please do so by clicking the Survey Monkey link below: