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    Tenant Scrutiny


The Association actively involves and consults with tenants when making decisions. However, the Association is looking to go further by giving tenants and other customers formal opportunities to analyse our performance and decsion making through tenant scrutiny.

The aim of scrutiny is to improve organisational performance and the quality and standard of services that landlords provide for their tenants.  Through scrutiny successful organisations are able to share a common way of working as they know, understand and can respond to their current and future customers.


There are three principles for effective scrutiny:


Independence - scrutiny activities should be separate from governance, management and mainstream tenant participation structures, but have a formal recognised status with support from the landlord at the outset.


Formality - scrutiny activities should include clear roles, remit, terms of reference and lines of reporting for those taking part.


Power - tenants and other customers involved in scrutiny activities should be able to undertake a detailed examination of services and standards, and make recommendations for service improvements.  Landlords should respond to this by agreeing which measures can be implemented and, where they can't be implemented, explaining fully why not.


Scrutiny can prove effective in improving organisational performance and the standard of services being delivered for the following reasons:

  • It provides a valuable reality check about the quality of services;
  • It ensure tenants' experiences are routinely considered alongside other forms of performance data;
  • It provides a mechanism to ensure that landlords are delivering the services that tenants want, which means they can tailor their services to reflect local needs and priorites; and
  • Tenants can be powerful advocates for efficiency and improving value for money.

If you do not wish to become a member of the Association's Management Committee but would like to take a formal role within the Association's decsion making process then tenant scrutiny could be for you.  By becoming involved in scrutiny you would be able to review service delivery and policy decsions taken by the Association.


If you would like to register an interest in becoming involved or would simply like more information about what tenant scrutiny involves please contact Housing Services on 0141 950 9052 or by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..