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    Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

The Association recognises that from time to time people experience worries about money and debt.

To assist tenants who are worrying about money or who are experiencing difficulties with their benefits, the Association works in partnership with Drumchapel Money Advice Centre (DMAC) who host a surgery for tenants at the Association’s office every Thursday afternoon.

DMAC offers tenants free welfare rights and money advice. The services provided by DMAC include:

  • Welfare benefits advice
  • Appeals against benefits decisions
  • Assistance with housing benefit
  • Assistance with working and child tax credits
  • Assistance with rent arrears
  • Council tax arrears
  • Debt counselling
  • Financial inclusion issues

You can get more information about the services that DMAC provide by visiting www.dmac.btck.co.uk or by telephone 0141 944 0507.

If you would like the Association to make a referral to DMAC on your behalf please contact Housing Services who will be happy to arrange this.