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    Report a Repair

Reporting a Repair

You can report a repair by visiting the Association’s office and speaking to a member of our Maintenance Services staff. Alternatively, you can report a repair by telephoning Maintenance Services on 0141 950 9051.

When reporting a repair you will need to provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact telephone number
  • Details of the required repair
  • Preferred access times

Please note that all repairs are carried out by Association approved contractors.

If you are unable to keep to a pre-arranged appointment for a contractor visit you should contact Maintenance Services to advise them and to make an alternative appointment.

Emergency Repairs - When the Office is Closed

If you need to report an emergency repair outwith office hours, you should telephone the Association’s office on 0141 950 9050 to be directed to the most appropriate emergency contractor.

Alternatively, please contact:

  • Scottish Gas on 0800 111 999 to report a gas leak
  • Scottish Power on 0800 092 9290 in the event that you have a total loss of power
  • Scottish Water on 0800 731 0840 where you have no water supply
  • Glasgow City Council on 0800 595 595 to report stairlighting faults

You may be charged for the following emergency repairs:

  • Gaining access due to loss of keys or being locked out
  • Loss of power due to tenant’s own appliance
  • No heating and/or no hot water due to insufficient funds in meter

Medical Adaptations

An adaptation is a permanent change that is made to your home to make it easier for you to live there.  To be eligible for an adaptation you will normally have a disability or need an adaptation to assist your independent living.

We have three classifications of adaptations:

Low Value Minor Category

This work involves minor changes to the house and does not involve any significant or structural changes, for example:

  • Grab rails;
  • Bannister;
  • Specialist door handles/taps/WC handles;
  • Re-siting a radiator;
  • Additional door entry hand set;
  • Sensory aids for visually or hearing impaired tenants.

Moderate Value

Work that involves permanent changes to the house, for example:

  • Re-hanging doors;
  • Installing a sliding door;
  • Over bath shower;                                
  • Widening footpath;
  • Blacksmith handrails.

High Value

Structural work or work that involves significant and/or permanent changes to the house (which may involve a Building Warrant), for example:

  • Ceiling track hoists;
  • Permanent ramps;
  • Level access tray with shower;
  • Wet floor shower in existing bathroom;
  • Additional WC or shower;
  • Widening doorways.

These are examples only and other works may be eligible if recommended by your Occupational Therapist.

To qualify for an adaptation you need to be a tenant of ours and have been assessed by an Occupational Therapist or another medical professional.

If you feel you would qualify for an adaptation, firstly you have to contact the Occupational Therapist through Glasgow City Council Social Work Services 0141 276 2420.

Once an Occupational Therapist has been out to visit you and has assessed your needs and decided what requirements you need for your disability, they will then contact us with recommendations for the type of adaptation required.

Registered Social Landlords receive a yearly allocation of money from the Scottish Government to help pay for adaptations that have been recommended by an Occupational Therapist or a medical professional.  However, if Scottish Government funding is not available we may not be able to carry out adaptations.