Living in Your Home

If you are a tenant of Yoker Housing Association please take time to read through this important information. This section helps explain some of the important rules that are part of your tenancy agreement with us. Further information is available in the Association's Resident Handbook which is available here.
Occupying your home
You must occupy and furnish the property and use it solely as your only or principal home. Failure to occupy the property could result in the Association commencing abandonment procedures and your tenancy being terminated.
A copy of the Association's Abandonment Policy is available here.
A copy of the Association's Abandonment Procedures are available here.


Changes to your household

You must keep the Association updated of any changes to your household and you must not allow your house to become overcrowded. Tenants should notify the Association in writing of any changes to their household.
Decorating and furnishing

You are responsible for decorating and furnishing your home and keeping it in good condition. There are specific rules regarding floor coverings and for information regarding these you should contact Maintenance Services on 0141 950 9051.
Alterations and improvements

You have the right to alter, improve or remove fixtures and fittings or add new fixtures and fittings within your property; however to make any changes you must get written permission from us. We do not refuse permission for such a request unreasonably.
For more information on what alterations you can carry out please contact Maintenance Services on 0141 950 9051.
Insuring your possessions
You are responsible for insuring the contents of your home. We strongly advise that you take out contents insurance to cover your possessions and valuables.
You have the right to keep one domestic pet. If you wish to keep more than one pet you must get our written permission. We will not withhold permission unreasonably but we will consider if it is likely to cause any issues for neighbours or for the condition of the property.
If you own a pet, it is your responsibility to make sure that it does not foul in the common areas or grounds. It is also your responsibility to make sure that it does not cause any deterioration or damage to the property, the communal areas or in the vicinity of the property.
There are laws to control dog nuisance and we can insist that you find a new home for your pet if it is not kept under control.
Common closes
It is the responsibility of all residents in the tenement, including owner-occupiers and private tenants, to ensure the common stairwell is kept clean, tidy and free from rubbish. Regular sweeping and cleaning of the common stairwell and landings should be carried out by all households.
You have a responsibility to ensure that backcourts are kept clean, tidy and free from fouling. Glasgow City Council Land and Environmental Services (LES) require residents to store refuse in the correct manner. LES will not remove any loose refuse and will not empty recycling bins if the wrong materials are placed in the bins. Each resident is responsible for ensuring that refuse is sealed in bin liners and placed in the bins provided and the lids replaced. It is important that bin shelters are kept clean and free from loose rubbish to avoid attracting vermin.


If you live in a property that has exclusive use of a garden, you are responsible for maintaining the garden area.