Our Finances

The Association's primary income stream is rent that is collected from tenants. Other income streams include service charges due from tenants and property managements fees that are collected from owners with whom the Association provides a factoring service. The Association is a non-profit making organisation and any surpluses generated are re-invested in the maintenance and provision of affordable housing.
The Association also receives Scottish Government grant funding which is administered by Glasgow City Council for the development and provision of new housing. The Association has also accessed the Scottish Government's People and Communities Fund (PCF) to grant fund and support employability projects.
Financial Statements
The Association publishes information about its income and expenditure each year in its Financial Statements. The Financial Statements are submitted to the Scottish Housing Regulator and are produced in a prescribed format and in accordance with accounting, statutory and other regulatory requirements. The Association's Financial Statements can be viewed below: 

The Association's budget which details the allocation of resources to key activity areas is available to be viewed here.