Buildings Insurance for Owners

Owners are legally required to have buildings insurance for their home. Owners will be automatically included in the Factor’s common block buildings insurance policy as Title Deeds generally make provision that the factor must hold a policy on behalf of all the owners. This arrangement reduces administration costs and allows the Factor to negotiate competitive terms which are reflected in the premiums. The Factor will provide each homeowner, in writing, with clear information showing the sum insured, the premium paid, any excesses which apply, the name of the company providing insurance cover and a summary of the terms of cover. The premium charged to owners is calculated by a direct split in premium for each property so that all homeowners are charged the same. Full details must be available to you for inspection at no charge unless a paper or electronic copy is requested in which case a reasonable charge can be imposed.
Please note, the Association’s common block insurance policy does not include cover for contents insurance. Owners and tenants should arrange their own contents insurance cover separately.
Details of the block building insurance policy for 2023 / 2024 can be viewed here.
Making a Claim

• On the happening of an event which could give rise to a claim under the policy, you shall immediately notify your insurance advisor with particulars and proofs as may be reasonably required.
• Claims must be notified within 7 days of the event in the case of damage caused by riot, civil commotion, strikes, labour disturbances or malicious persons. Or within 30 days of the event in the case of any other claim.
• In the first instance, please contact Yoker Housing Association Ltd by telephone on 0141 950 9050 or in writing to:
                         Yoker Housing Association Ltd
                         2310 Dumbarton Road
                         G14 0JS