Significant Performance Failures

A significant performance failure is something that the Association does, or fails to do, putting many or all of its tenants at risk, and not taking action to put it right. This may include:
• Consistently not doing repairs when it should;
• Not allowing tenants to apply for another house;
• Putting tenants’ safety at risk, for example, by not carrying out gas safety checks;
• Not helping tenants to report anti-social behaviour; and
• Not reporting its performance in achieving the outcomes and standards in the Scottish Social Housing Charter to its tenants.
If you strongly disagree with what the Association says about its performance, or you believe that the Association has not involved you in the way it agreed to, you can report a ‘significant performance failure’. You should initially raise the issue with the Association and give us the chance to respond. If we do not deal with the issue within the published timescale then you can report it to the Scottish Housing Regulator.
Further information on how to report significant performance failures can be by found here.
The Scottish Housing Regulator has published three factsheets about complaints and significant performance failures. The factsheets can be viewed below:
Complaints about a regulated body
Significant Performance Failures: Information for social landlords
Significant Performance Failures: Information for tenants of social landlords

Serious Concerns

The Scottish Housing Regulator has published to updated factsheets for tenants and landlords about raising serious concerns about a landlord.

The Regulators’ updated factsheets follow the launch of its new Regulatory Framework which enhanced clarity of what issues tenants can bring to the Regulator and when and how this fits with other routes for tenants to complain to their landlord and the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman.

The Regulator’s factsheet for tenants explains how they can raise a serious concern about a landlord, what they can expect from their landlord, and when and how they can report a concern to the Regulator.

The Regulator’s factsheet for social landlords sets out what the Regulator will do if a tenant or tenant representative reports a serious concern.

The factsheets can be reviewed below:

Complaints and serious concerns - Information for tenants and service users of social landlords - April 2024
Complaints and serious concerns - Information for social landlords - April 2024