Owners Responsibilities

The specific obligations of owners are set out in the title deeds of their own property. Where title deeds are defective or silent on a particular matter then the rules of the Tenement Management Scheme will apply.

Common Areas
Backcourts Residents have the responsibility to ensure that backcourts are kept clean, tidy and free from fouling to show consideration for other neighbours and maintenance operatives. Glasgow City Council Land and Environmental Services (LES) require residents to store refuse in the correct manner; they will not remove any loose refuse. LES will also not empty recycling bins if the wrong materials are placed in the bins. Each resident is responsible for ensuring that refuse is sealed in bin liners and placed in the bins provided and the lids replaced. It is important that bin shelters are kept clean and free from loose rubbish to avoid attracting vermin.
Reporting Repairs
It is the responsibility of homeowners to report common repairs once they become aware of a problem. The Association can be contacted via telephone, letter, email, fax or in person. For out-of-hours emergency common repairs, you should telephone the Association’s office on 0141 950 9050 to be directed to the most appropriate emergency contractor; repairs to be carried out within three hours once identification or notification of the matter is received.
Urgent common repairs, which can normally be considered as affecting the comfort and convenience of homeowners, will be reported to a contractor immediately and dealt with within two working days.
Common repairs which are routine will be inspected and reported to a contractor within two days and dealt with within eight days.