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You can apply to be added to our waiting list for housing by completing the form below. 
Please note that due to our low turnover in stock we are unable to gaurantee when you would receive an offer of (re)housing.



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Household Composition

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What is their D.O.B?
What is their D.O.B?
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Current Landlord

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Previous / Other Tenure

Have you or anyone to be re-housed ever held a tenancy with Yoker Housing Association? ( required )

Current Circumstances


Are you, or a member of your household to be re-housed, employed within a three mile radius of the Association? ( required )

Tenancy Debts

Do you have outstanding rent arrears or have you ever been sequestrated / bankrupt? ( required )

Anti-social Behaviour

Have you ever been evicted from a tenancy? ( required )
Has anyone living at the current address had an order for the recovery of possession granted against them for reasons of antisocial behaviour in the last three years? ( required )
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Sex Offenders Register

Are you or anyone to be re-housed with you on the Sex Offenders Register?*
*This will not adversely affect how your application is assessed but will allow us to work with you and the Sex Offenders Liaison Officer to identify the most appropriate offer of housing.
*You may be contacted for further information if required.
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Declared Interests

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Housing Assessment

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Housing Requirements / Preferences

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Supporting Information

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What we will do with your information

This form explains how your personal information will be used as part of your assessment for housing. We are committed to protecting your privacy. We try to meet the highest standards when collecting and using personal information. We adhere to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), when using and sharing personal information. We are also registered on the public register of data controllers, with the Information Commissioner's Office.
Agreement to share your information
The Association will collect and share your information with other public organisations and relevant agencies so we can understand your needs better and improve services. This might include workers involved in your care, for example your nurse, social worker, support worker, future housing providers or other relevant agency as discussed with you.
There may be occasions when there is sufficient concern about your or others safety or wellbeing, or for the detection and prevention of crime that your information will be shared before your consent is given or even if you do not agree to your information being shared.

Declaration - To be signed by the applicant
I / We hereby declare that the information given on this form is, to the best of my / our knowledge and belief, accurate and truthful and give my consent to share information to validate this information.
I / We authorise my / our landlord to obtain information on any tenancy I / we have held and to take up references considered necessary and relevant to this application.
I / We understand that if it is found that I / we have provided false information or misleading information to the Association; my / our application will be cancelled or any offer of tenancy withdrawn. Furthermore, I / we understand that the Association reserves the right to take legal action for the repossession of any tenancy granted on the basis of deliberately providing the false information.
In addition I / we understand that in circumstances of threatening behaviour or verbal or physical abuse aimed towards staff or committee members, the Association reserves the right to withdraw an offer of housing or suspend my / our application.