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About Yoker Housing Association Properties

Our housing stock is made up of:

  • Red Sandstone Tenement Properties
  • New Build Terraced Properties
  • New Build Three Storey Flats
  • New Build Townhouses

The majority of the Association’s stock is red sandstone tenement property acquired and modernised under a programme of comprehensive tenement improvement between 1979 and 2008. The majority of housing units are categorised as improved tenement properties.

The Association’s “new build” housing units includes a 46 unit scheme completed in 1986. In 2009, the Association completed two further “new build” developments comprising a total of 68 housing units and in 2010 a further 15 unit scheme was completed. This provides the Association with a total of 129 “new build” housing units.

The Association’s current housing stock is completed by the inclusion of 8 properties acquired under the Scottish Government’s “Mortgage to Rent” Scheme.

A full breakdown of properties by apartment size and location is available here.

Location of Properties

The Association’s properties are primarily located along the Dumbarton Road corridor.

The Association has approximately:

  • 270 one bedroom properties
  • 230 two bedroom properties
  • 110 three bedroom properties
  • 20 four bedroom properties