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About Yoker Housing Association Properties

Our housing stock is made up of:

  • Red Sandstone Tenement Properties
  • New Build Terraced Properties
  • New Build Three Storey Flats
  • New Build Townhouses

The majority of the Association’s stock is red sandstone tenement property acquired and modernised under a programme of comprehensive tenement improvement between 1979 and 2008. The majority of housing units are categorised as improved tenement properties.

The Association’s “new build” housing units includes a 46 unit scheme completed in 1986. In 2009, the Association completed two further “new build” developments comprising a total of 68 housing units and in 2010 a further 15 unit scheme was completed. This provides the Association with a total of 129 “new build” housing units.

The Association’s current housing stock is completed by the inclusion of 8 properties acquired under the Scottish Government’s “Mortgage to Rent” Scheme.

Location of Properties

The Association’s properties are primarily located along the Dumbarton Road corridor.

The Association has approximately:

  • 270 one bedroom properties
  • 230 two bedroom properties
  • 110 three bedroom properties
  • 20 four bedroom properties

Future Developments

Blawarthill Hospital

Our proposed development of 19 new homes on the site of the old Blawarthill Hospital is almost under way.  We are expected to commence work on site by the end of 2018.

15 of these new homes are being built to passive house standards.  That means they will be highly insulated and airtight so that they will need very little or no heating.

In conjunction with our residential development, City Building are currently on site with the development of a new Glasgow City Council care home.

Yoker Primary School

The Association is also about to start a feasibility study into the possible development of the site at Yoker Primary School and Thirlstane Nursery for new housing.  This development is at a very early stage but it has been suggested that it might provide as many as 60 new homes for rent on completion.